The Grass is Greener on the other side with IP Telephony

The use of IP Telephony (VoIP) within a business environment is growing at a tremendous rate. There are many advantages of moving your business communications from the traditional analogue or digital telephone system to an IP based platform. Introducing IP Telephony gives your business the flexibility of being able to run your voice, data, video and software applications over a single network, thus meaning you are able to integrate and unify these methods of communications to improve, streamline and make your business process more efficient.

IP Telephony allows you to route voice over your broadband connection, meaning that if you have a number of business sites, you are able to take advantage of free calls between sites, giving substantial cost savings and great return on investment (ROI).

An IP based telephone system is very flexible in terms of scalability and growth, new users can be simply added without the cost of having to purchase expensive line rental and associated charges.

A great advantage of IP Telephony within the work place is for its integration with your business critical applications such as your CRM or database system. Due to the calls running over the same network as your internet connection, you are able to introduce CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) into your everyday working processes. CTI gives your workforce enhanced features such as screen popping incoming callers details from your database, allowing the call to be answered with all of the callers details instantly to hand i.e. past conversations in notes, specific requirements, customer profile address etc. This greatly enhances customer services and the speed in which the calls are handled.

Presence and availability of work colleagues is also a great benefit using IP Telephony. Using presence and availability software integrated into your everyday business communications, gives real time presence and availability of your colleagues, for example if their phone is engaged, free to call, idle or away from their desk. This means that transferring a call, or simply trying to call a colleague can be achieved a lot more efficiently, reducing the time wasted if a person is not available.

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